Monday, June 22

this one got long

I am shaking because I thought I heard a voice

nothing good happens after three am

I thought I heard a voice say hello
and then I thought it was nothing
but then the same voice said martin
and I got up and turned out all the lights
and snuck up to the windows
to see if anyone is there

the apartment below me has sounded
like heavy footsteps all night
I think everyone is asleep

after I saw no one was there
I walked from window to window
then I realized I was in a pitch black house
and I had played right into the ghosts hands

and as I write about it the dead one is creeping
it is touching my back every now and then

I will build a shrine on the porch
to lure it outside because if
a ghost is lonely enough
to talk to oftheloneliests me
then it must be pacing too
it needs to get out into the world
to find the other floaters
that can hang on every word
and not just turn off the lights
and look out the windows

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful night story
    It is weird, you where shaking when you heard something, but then you are ok with a being from other word appears. I woudn t have the guts to make a shrine, I will just be death with fear.