Tuesday, April 12

I Am A Marty

Hey Everyone,
Martin has been sublimated.


Saturday, March 20

hello from Martin Wall

Hi there. How is everyone doing tonight? I am well. Thank you. I am taking a rare non poem post to let you all know, I am pausing to put this book together. I am putting a book together out of some poems. I am on the final steps of finishing it tonight. But it may mean there is some changes. I will keep you all posted.

Finishing this book makes me feel like I am up in the air from a group of people tossing me up with a sheet. That ain't bad. I don't think. I think it is alright. No problems here. It is hard for me sometimes. But it is worth it. It is a long term photograph of emotional sequencing.

I am all set. I am Martin Wall of Walmartia. My aisles are expansive. I have fun with you. I want to bring me with you. Whereevereever I goooo.

Thursday, February 18


I am Moonly

barns are born
with hammers
and I am also
made through

these repeated impacts

artifact poem

Because of What is Inside

when I see
the camera

my limbs

and all
I can do
is look away

not a money poem

Ain’t Bankrupt

but I did just have an expensive surgery
that involved the one I love
cutting my foot open
and using a hot rod exhaust to suck
my heart out of my chest
so that it could be replaced
with a plastic bag

it has set me back
quite a bit

but I have no choice
but to work through it

falling poem

Dumptruck Avalanche

the hydraulic lifting
of this mass
of little dirts
to get it on the ground
to shift and drive away

just poeems

every time I talk about it I would put my hand over my mouth but it is shaking too

I will love you for the rest of this


too honest

too scary

all this
in this

welcome to
these scaries

I say

leave behind your socks
if you are not sure of this

and then
it is me and
the socks
and the whats

love is a real object

that moved me
led by my torso

and then just socks

sigh poem

Hotel Key

that plastic card
is handed over
to the elite member
now walking toward
the elevator
to enter the empty room
and throw the jacket
on the ottoman

I didnt pick the words of this poem

Give Me a Call If Your Up

you keep

it doesn’t

I dont
I guess

I haven't

its difficult
I don't

but I'd rather not
I'd rather not

traveling poem

Invisible Currnts

the flocks move in unison
through each other
and away from the highway

where I’m calm
between the cars
because I’m

not driving to the office
I’m almost home

animal poem

It Feels Soft

the deer is nuzzling
while I nap on this
rock beneath the tree
near the creek bed

I nuzzle in
I notice exceptional
softness against me

I imagine the deer is a mutant with sharp teeth and ram horns and a snake tounge and lions feet and the tail of a monkey

but when I open
it is just a deer
and it is soft
I was so lucky
just before
scaring it off

vision poem

Oh I See

When I see a
wedding band
my heart caves in
every time

I give in to the fact
that I will not be with you
until some funeral
and walk toward the siren
muttering to myself

silly little boy
don’t you know better

hah poem

Just Ridiculous

I cant do anything about it
and I don’t know what to think
there is a little piece of me that syas everything here is toxic
step away and then there is my heart pulling toward no matter
oh geez to think I started off this poem to be funny

heart is an echo poem

I Fear It Is My Nature

the flame
that touches
this plastic

I am viral
and my love
will spread

you have said
no thank you

so I step back
but the uncontrollable beat

my love
I am sorry

but I truly cannot
help you
be alone

Monday, January 25

poem slowly moving


I will take my pain
if that is what I must do
to find you looking happy again