Friday, June 5

Sam Pink, Kendra grant Malone, Tao Lin, JeremeDean, Blake Butler poems

Hey Sam Pink I Bet I Can’t Creep You Out

I know who you are

and you recognize me

maybe a little less since the accident

I birth you from the top of my head

because when I am alone I think you are my best friend

because you have tried to kill me in the past

and we have gotten over that

will you just party with me


I tape knives to my fingers and knock on your door

this motion cuts my arm

I found your house with google earth

don’t worry

I’m just gonna skin ya and wear the Sam Pink skeins to APA

then I will stand up in a moving metro and read as I wobble

Sam Pink’s not a bitch

I think he is a part of my family

in the long term sense

Kendra Grant Malone Deserves Good Things and I Will Swordfight any Motherfucker that Thinks Differently

everytime I have told her sorry she has told me to stop

and I said ‘I know I know, I just want to say it.’

and she would tell me it is implied

when I heard her read her voice was so quiet

I had to close my eyes to hear it all

I wanted to tell her that she reads so well

and her writing is professional

and important

but I just opened my eyes real big and nodded to her

I think that good things should happen to that girl

that’s what I think

I wish I were more important

so I could appoint her some job

that paid the bills and let her do whatever she wanted

but I am just a fat son of a bitch

with more debt than money

so sorry kendra

so so sorry

Tao Lin Reminds me of that Tiny Alien in a Human Suit in MIB II

or that fucked up deadpool in wolverine

or a human brain in a puppy in a human

I am impressed

you are an awkward social interaction

on the porch of the bookstore

at least to me

I think there is a Tao Lin inside of tao lin

leading the metalife

and I can relate

because there is an immense distance within

and I am too bloody to really travel that distance fast enough

I know you struggle too

I recognize that

but it could be worse

I mean you already impressed me

Jereme Dean is Mean in a Way That Reminds Me of Kittens on Real Hearts Floating Down A River By Fire Light

you are a powerful challenging force

that at least has this

big respect

far enough away

not to really matter

become my downstairs neighbor

and we will sitcom

on the weekends

while we stay in

and try to get rid this taste

that is thick

and yellow

oh brother

jereme dean

I love how many words

your last name rhymes with

Blake Butler is the Most Professional Writer Alive Today


one of you ladies should swoop him up

he will be an amazing father

because he is capable

of being caring

with ease



  1. yeah i think that is about right. you done been stomped sam. im glad there is happy too, kenda.

  2. i enjoyed all your poems martin.

    you did not need to write a poem to get me to come here (if that was your motivation ((not saying that it was your motivation)).

    i've been here before.

    on a side note i liked your blog better when the side nav bar only listed Sam and myself.

    i felt a personal connection then.

    now not so much.

  3. Jereme,
    i am glad you have been here before. The two things I have thought about for motivation as I write poems to internet writers, is 1) give out that appriciation I got over here--- and I usually write to a general you anyway, so it is always nice to get someone specific in mind- it is a different practice. 2) I just want to make all of yous feel good, because I am glad you are out there- it moves me. So, I want to give some movement. And yous is all I have really.

    I guess you have to come here to see them, so I could of emailed them if I didn't want you to come here, but I don't mind if you come here to see them.

    I changed the sidebar. I feel honestly about the new sidebar. Do you feel a personal connection again? or does the long list make it impossible?