Friday, June 5

The Ricks, Doggie Bag

I am Listening to Slick Rick and Watching I Love Lucy

I have the volume on the cd player set

so that I can’t really hear what he is saying

the tv is up real loud

I hear everything that is going on

now ricky is singing

it sounds real good

I wonder if it is just a rick thing

I know a guy named rick

I think I will invite him over

to see if he sings well under these circumstances

my hands opens my cell phone

and I dial rick

‘hey bud’ I say

I try to explain myself

see if he will come over

‘blow it out your ass psycho’

he tells me and hangs up

lucy is dressed as a bell hop as she runs out of the celebrity’s hotel room

Don’t Bring a Doggie Bag to a Restaurant

I used to believe in fireworks

now I know they’re bunk

those explosions are extra bullshit

but sometimes it feels good to let it go

I shoot the basketball in shorts and two wristbands

things haven’t gone so well

so far I know

I have hidden under the room service cart listening

when you leave the room I come out and collect the scraps

I find an empty table and set out the plates

I order more water

I have some pieces of what there was spread around me

I am a lucky man

a very lost and lucky man

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