Wednesday, May 20

Classic Case of the Smash and Grabs

me and my boy we're riding home from terminator salvation

on the way home we drove past a pawn shop with a truck through the front window

'godamm' i said and pulled a u turn

my son held up his cell phone and took a picture

i slowed down

'did you get a good one?'

a police car turned on it's lights and flashed us down

'what's wrong' cody said

the police officer came to the window and told me to give him the cell phone

'I have to impound this as evidence' the officer told my son

'can't you just delete them' cody asked

the officer said a bunch of guns we're stolen

and that I shouldn't do sure stupid things with my son

I nodded and later I pulled off

I tucked my son in bed

that felt nice

goodgod there were alot of explosions in that movie

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