Saturday, May 30

box of action figures

I scrape my knee on the envelope. Ow,goddammit, I feel like I have ruined your wedding.

I walk over to the mirror and look in the mirror.

Jesus, I look like a gay pirate in this striped shirt.

I need a hat. I touch the closet doorknob.

That itch is distracting. I have had to take a shit for three hours,
but they are roofing here, so the roof over my bathroom is gone,
partially. I have held in this shit for the duration of the movie titanic.

Hey man.
I was just about to call you.
That's so wierd.
Oh, just hanging out at the house.
Oh, that right I forgot.
I got this thing.

I am holding a box, I place it on the floor.
I kneel near the box. I pull out an action figure I don't recognize.
It is neon yellow and black and red. I am in awe. I put it on top of the tv.

Someone on the roof nails in some plywood, the action figure falls
on my phone in my upside down hat, resting on the top of the box.

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