Saturday, March 20

hello from Martin Wall

Hi there. How is everyone doing tonight? I am well. Thank you. I am taking a rare non poem post to let you all know, I am pausing to put this book together. I am putting a book together out of some poems. I am on the final steps of finishing it tonight. But it may mean there is some changes. I will keep you all posted.

Finishing this book makes me feel like I am up in the air from a group of people tossing me up with a sheet. That ain't bad. I don't think. I think it is alright. No problems here. It is hard for me sometimes. But it is worth it. It is a long term photograph of emotional sequencing.

I am all set. I am Martin Wall of Walmartia. My aisles are expansive. I have fun with you. I want to bring me with you. Whereevereever I goooo.