Thursday, January 7

poem of conviction

Call Me a Convert Because I Really Do Believe In Love

there have been times
when I would laugh
or mockingly smile
at the thought of it

in my life
I have jumped
from the flatbed
to roll in the grass
while trying to figure out
the bad words in we will rock you

and many years later
I was a heartbroken kid
swearing all of it off

but now
this fullness is sincere
I am only sure because
I found out what empty was

that force
that true object
of lackness

and this us
is dwarfing
all that

because all you are doing
is sitting there and I
couldn’t be happier
to be able to witness

and offer a companion
in this isolated drama

all I can do is shake my head
and hope you are sitting somewhere
that you can see my eyes right now

because my eyes
are what passion is
when it is silent