Monday, June 29

Twitter Journal: twitter666

Sam Pink and I have started a journal of Twitter feeds from objects or people that are normally overlooked. It is Twitter666. I think other people should join us, and make twitter feeds for those who won't or can't. There is contact information at the website. Please go, start a twitter feed, and let us put it up. I want to know what your playing cards are up to. Don't you want to know how those sunglasses feel? Twitter666.

UPDATE--Chris East is taking part, he is writing for a face tattoo.
UPDATE--Bradley Sands is observing the world from a lawn gnome.
UPDATE--Nathan Tyree is now showing us what goes on in the days of a lionel ritchie cd
UPDATE--Ani Smith provides twittering of an aborted fetus
UPDATE--DJ Berndt knows what it is like to be a movie extra
UPDATE--Vauhgan Simons brings sexy back to the ATM

more in the works


  1. the singer of drowning pool died in the town I went to college in.