Saturday, June 6

ryan manning, scott mcclanahan poems

Ryan Manning Stars in the Porno You Just Finished Watching

he did such a good job
when I watch porn stars like ryan
I wish I had the ability to fuck
for a long time

no homo
but you are a sexy motherfucker
I appreciate your patience
and the way you make

I just got a piece of garlic bread
out from between my teeth ryan
it tasted so bad
and I think
I might pass out
because your name brand cock ring
is cutting off circulation
too well

I think your movements
demonstrate respect
in a quiet way
that is pleasing
to notice

once in a moment of depression
I wrote to a friend
who told me to sit with a radio
for three days and after three days
to take a picture
and to mail it
to a stranger
and to put one word
in the return address

Sometimes Scott McClanahan Looks at My Site From West Virginia And I Know it is Him Because I Suspect He Has the Only Computer in the State

Scott is a real person
he is out there
near the mountains
not whistling on purpose
but making a noise
with his breath

he said ‘I knew he was different because he was telling the truth’

I wash my hands
with a small amount
of water
and wish
that I would’ve made the cut
back in high school
when the coaches
picked the teams

if we played life kickball
I would pick scott
any of ya’ll motherfuckers
cause he is raw
near the trail
in the mountain

the yoohoo
is too warm
I put it on the ledge
where it is cold
and if I can see that fire
that fire through the trees
that is up on the mountain
then I will come runnin
cross the states
to lend a hand
and hold the shovel

when it’s time for sendin
that sos ain’t empty
cause I got boats in me
that won’t save you
but they will help
if the air turns into water


  1. Martin Wall could always be on my kickball team. I'd even let Donny bat cleanup.

  2. martin,

    i like your poems. severe honesty is a phrase that comes to mind.

    i was surprised to find myself linked in the sidebar. awesome! couldn't help wondering if it was a mistake, but even if it was i'm down with it.

  3. no mistake ryan bradley. i found your blog on my travels along the way, i enjoy your updates, now i can go there more. thank you for the kind words.

  4. I don't even know what Ryan Manning looks like, but your poem made me attracted to him.