Thursday, June 18

poem with punc.

what I whisper to the dog when I run out of song

I sing in this chair
that I share with the dog
while the messages play
from the speaker.

I don’t wanna hear any of this.
I don’t have noise canceling head phones
or health good enough to sustain through
anything like this
ever again.

but I
bet I

start barking.


  1. It is a lovely story, a magical one.
    I guess you know magic usually doesnt present itself in peoples everyday life doing its magic.

    even dougy if you keep your dog routine for many years you won t be able to become a dog (a a person with a mind that works like the one belonging to a dog mind) You will probably be abble to perfect yOur barking enough tO be able to MAKE people bring you the royal cannin balanced dog gourmet food.

  2. all i can really think to say to that is damn right. might as well be. fuck yeah! They will bring the dog food. goddamm.