Tuesday, June 16

I woke up with every piece of clothing I had been wearing now wrapped around my neck

there is sweaty where my legs touch
even between these two circular fans
and these two windows

I hear the neighbor pull
up in the driveway
then I hear them
yeling at the car parked
too close to the road
keeping her from
the driveway

I have felt
for short bursts
that I would die
all bloody
just as I was

there was that time
when I talked to the judge
in front of the court
and I wassn't
under oath
but I was sincere
and paused between sentences

goddamm goddamm
I am just full of pathetic half stories
I get bored telling them all the time
tonight I am going to sit in a chair
and not do much else I will be quiet
I promise you
after making you listen about me
I will be so quiet


  1. I prefer you where wrapped around my finger. Maybe you'll be after the talk

  2. uh oh! sexy comment. I am not sure when the talk happens though. There is a mug rootbeer bottle that has been next to my bed for months. It is my version of a temporary statue.

  3. the last three lines really seal the deal

  4. ryan, you are right, i think in a collection, that poem would have to be only those three lines, maybe a couple more. but i think you are right. thank you.

  5. I've been really obsessed with writing really short poems lately. Like one to five lines. This could totally do that even with:

    Tonight I will be quiet, I promise you
    after making you listen about me
    I will be so quiet.

  6. exactly, when I look at it in terms of a collection, that poem has to be just those three lines. And when I put it in the book, it will be that way. and I thank you for bringing it to my attention.