Thursday, June 25

hello everyone, open letter,

hey there,
martin wall here. I am a bored piece of shit. If you are bored or lonely on the internet and feel awkward commenting, please comment. Email me even. I will read it all the way through. send me your poems. I will read them honestly, and tell you everything I think during the experience, not just what I think of it. I find myself with alot of free time on my hands, and I would love to get world from those in the underunder, around this country and this world.

I know there are people out there like me. you are outskits, like me. social ghosts with so much to offer, and such a small group of people looking for offerings. I find that when i write emails most of the time, i dont get a response. or a get a very short response. sometimes i send long emails because i cant help it, because at that moment i need to write to someone and i don't care who. so that means if you are asking how i am doing you better be willing to find out in depth.

I spend most of my time running out of things, and most of the people in my life have left me behind, or I have left them behind. I am starting a new job soon, enough of this landscaping stuff. I am getting on the wagon too. you hear about that wagon? goddamm.

So yeah, you know, if you are floating around the internet, and you are looking for a personable person with extra ideas and extra compassion. talk to me. It has been my goal in this stuff to help people who feel isolated in this pursuit, as i do, to feel less isolated, because I go through such flow, and you are not alone at all. I have time for you. Maybe someday that will change, but right now I am waiting. Do you write everyday and show no one? me too! lets party. this is my literary want ad.

martin wall


  1. I am glad you like this. I mean it.

  2. hey there ana. I read all the way through your comment and enjoyed it all the way through.

  3. martinreadsemail [at] gmail . com

  4. 'i don't get a response. or get a very short response'